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Is second hand vapour smoke harmful?

Is second hand vapour smoke harmful?

Is second hand vapor smoke harmful?

When someone you know switches from conventional cigarettes to a e-cigarette, then it’s probably a strong indication that they are tired of smoking, want to improve their overall health. But what about the vapor that comes out of the e-cigarette? Is this harmful in any way? Some of the e-cigarettes on the market seem to create even more “smoke vapor” than regular smoking. So we decided to investigate and put this article together to find out whether second hand vapor smoke is harmful.

There is a growing movement of people that are opposed to e-cigarettes, but this is normal whenever a new fashionable item is launched. The real question, is whether they have real grounds to have concern about the recent rise in e-cigarette use in South Africa? The reality is that vapour is made using very natural products, it is surprisingly healthy. What is clear is that Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative to conventional smoking.

If you are buying product from a company that has a good reputation, then you should not have any issue getting clear answers to the questions you are asking about the potential health issues.

There is certainly no question that second hand conventional smoke is going to be 100 times more harmful than second hand vapour. People will always find a reason to jump on the moral band wagon to fight new technologies, ultimately if you ask most people. I think the answer would be we don’t mind as long as it isn’t in our faces. Vapour does not smell like normal smoke does. Therefore you can be assures that you will not smell of “smoke” after being in the company of a e-cigarette smoker.

Below are some interesting facts about E-Cigarettes:.

– The amount of nicotine in exhaled vapour was 10 x lower than cigarette smoke

– Traditional cigarettes produce carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene and numerous other volatile organic compounds. Electronic Cigarette vapours produced none of these toxic substances that were detectable or statistically significant levels

– E-cig vapour dissipates considerably faster that cigarette smoke. This means that the low level of nicotine particles produced when exhaling are only in the air for a short time.

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How to start using an E-Cigarette

How to start using an E-Cigarette

How to start using an E-Cigarette

Are you still smoking? If so, you may have seen a couple of your work colleagues or friends move from smoking Marlboro lights to a E-cigarette and you might be thinking is this just a gimmick or is this thing possible the answer to help me stop smoking normal harmful cigarettes. If you are planning to do the shift over from conventional smoking to E-smoking, then we advise that you do your homework. You need to find a good reliable E-cigarette brand and then identify which E-Juice you will enjoy to vape with.

Ok, so you have made the decision to explore moving onto an E-cigarette, so how do you go about finding out which one is the best one for you etc.… The whole process can be enough to just drive you back to your old ways. People do not generally like change and this is quite a big change you are contemplating. We suggest you do your research online, and also ask friends or colleagues of yours that have made the transition already. Usually everyone will have a story on what to do and not to do etc. Doing this pre purchase research can save you a lot of money and frustration and help to make the transition easier.

What is it going to cost?

Electronic cigarettes will save you about 70% of your normal smoking budget, so it’s a money saver and makes sense to start doing. Starting can seem pricey, but that’s a once off and there after the E-juice refills are relatively cheap when compared to the cost of cigarettes.

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How to look after your E-Cigarette

How to look after your E-Cigarette

How to look after your E-Cigarette

For those of you that already have an E-cigarette, you will have quickly found out that they are pretty low maintence and easy to repair and modify. But, like every product, if you take care of it. Then it will last even longer and you can extend its lifespan substantially. Learning proper E-cigarette maintence is neither hard nor time consuming.

E-Cigarettes are generally designed to be pretty solid and durable. However if you are not going to take care of it, like most things it will break and you will need to replace it frequently which can get expensive. So, you have just bought your e-cigarette with starter kit, you are excited and just want to jump straight into vaping. But, we suggest that you show restraint and make sure that your battery is charged fully over night to ensure that it lasts longer.

If you think of your e-cigarette, just like a cellphone. Then you need to get into the habit of charging it at night, so you have a fully charged e-cigarette for the following day.oil

Another great tip is to make sure that your e-cigarette atomiser is at least 1/3 of the way full at all times and be very careful not to overfill it as this will lead to your atomiser leaking. If find that you are tasting a burnt taste when inhaling, then this means your coil is going and you need to replace it as soon as possible. We suggest that you exchange your coil at least ever 4-6 weeks to just make sure you avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

We further advise that you always store your e-cigarette in a cool dry place. At all times, please avoid leaving your e-cigarette exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures, if you follow and apply these common sense maintence tips. You will drastically extend the life of your e-cigarette.

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Different Accessories for your electronic cigarette

Different Accessories for your electronic cigarette

Different Accessories for your electronic cigarette

As E-Cigarettes have literally taken over the show, hundreds of new brands and a million and one accessories have spun onto the market, the options are almost as extensive as the amount of E-Juice flavours available. With all these options and choice, it can be daunting to know exactly how to start enjoying E-smoking.

Accessories are there to help personalise the experience, you can choose from different chargers for your device, to mod skins, the list is endless. We have put this article together to highlight some of the must have accessories you might want to consider acquiring.

You battery is one of the most important components of your E-cigarette, without a functional battery you will not be able to vape. There are options with regard to which battery you would like to use, you are able to choose from either an automatic or manual battery.

If you do a lot of driving, then getting a handy car charger for your e-cigarette is always advised. This way you can keep your e-cigarette fully charged while driving on long trips or in traffic. Another suggestion is to invest in a USB charger for your e-cigarette, these days most of us have USB chargers in the car and this can be helpful when you need a quick battery boost.

When you get your starter pack, you will automatically get a wall charger, this is powerful and will charge your device in record time. It’s also nice to always have it as a backup in case your other chargers break.

A second great accessory that we suggest you invest in is a nice case to protect your e-cigarette. If you keep it protected, it will be less damaged and last longer.

There are plenty of other types of accessories, you will need to test out which ones work for you. We hope you enjoyed this article and if you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Becoming a E-Smoker

Becoming a E-Smoker

Becoming a E-Smoker

If you are still smoking normal cigarettes, you will know it’s one of the hardest habits to stop. May try and fail each year and it does not take much to fall back into the routine of smoking again. It’s for this very reason that E-Cigarettes are becoming so popular, you can stop conventional smoking which is extremely harmful to your health and easily move over to becoming a E-Smoker with virtually no withdrawal or issues. E-Cigarettes is an amazing alternative to normal smoking and our team have put this article together to explain why!

Before you invest in an E-Cigarette, you should do a bit of research into how it works. There are a lot of E-Cigarette brands on the market, you will need to test out which one works for you and your budget.

When you are considering the move to E-Cigarettes, you will immediately notice that it is more affordable than normal smoking. The start-up costs are quite high, but once you have the e-cigarette then your ongoing repairs and parts is relatively cheap. Another awesome thing you will discover is that there are a million and one flavours you can choose and this is quite appealing especially to the younger smoker. These days you can basically find your conventional cigarette flavour in a liquid form known as “E-juice or E-Liquid

The more research you do, the more you will enjoy the transition from normal smoking to being a E-smoker. Please also remember, that if you have been smoking for years. You need to give your body time to adjust and it will be a process that you need to prepare for.

If you are interested in moving over to E-Cigarettes and would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

The Clear Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

The Clear Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

The Clear Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

While many current smokers are contemplating whether they should migrate over to E-Cigarettes, we have put this article together to highlight some of the clear benefits that moving over to E-Cigarettes can have on your health and wallet. E-cigarettes are the perfect answer to still being able to enjoy the feeling you get when you have a smoke and not having to suffer the health effects that conventional smoking results in.

Reason 1

An easy reason is the smell that normal cigarettes have. When you smoke, everything smells like smoke, the worst thing is the people in your life will also have to put up with the stink that is associated with being a smoker. People who don’t smoke will hate the smell and it’s a good enough reason to want to shift to e-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes, do not have this smell, you inhale and exhale a vapour that actually can have a pleasant fragrance depending on the E-juice you use. The vapour evaporates almost immediately and those around you will be none the wiser to the fact that you have just enjoyed a nice nicotine hit.

Reason 2

Normal smoking is become very expensive. With the average pack costing you R30 to R40 each, its no wonder people are flocking to E-cigarettes. Once you have bought the vaping device, the ongoing costs are quite affordable and you should be able to shave 70% off your old smoking bill.

Reason 3

E-cigarettes are far safer and healthier than normal conventional smokes.

Why Quality E-Liquid is Important

Why Quality E-Liquid is Important

Why Quality E-Liquid is Important

Choosing quality E-Liquid is very important, there are so many flavours on the market currently, it’s very easy to purchase a product that is not of a high quality and ultimately this will not only potentially damage your device, but could also harm you.

When you are buying E-liquid or E-Juice, it’s very important you buy from a supplier that you know is quality product. You will especially at the markets, see people selling liquid at a price that is half of what you would pay in retail. But, don’t be fooled, it’s usually watered down or worse made with substandard products.

The rule of thumb is to find a brand you like and make sure you buy from them continuously, this way you can be assured that you will be getting the best product available and you will be able to ensure that your smoking experience is not affected, by poor quality E-Juice.

All our flavours are made using the best techniques available. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. We use the latest factory production methods, as well as the best ingredients to ensure that you get a quality E-juice that will satisfy and keep you coming back for more.

If you would like to know more about how to get into vaping. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are passionate about what we do and feel strongly that our products are among the best on the market currently. Never compromise when your health is concerned, it’s very important for us to grow loyalty among our clients and by providing a quality service, we are almost assured that this will happen. Give us a call today, we are waiting for your call.

What to expect from E-cigarettes

What to expect from E-cigarettes

What to expect from E-cigarettes

You probably have seen a lot of people using E-cigarettes and wondered what all the fuss is about? Well, E-cigarettes are a synthetic alternative to conventional smoking. E-Cigarettes are slightly heavier than a normal cigarette, this is due to the fact that the e-cigarettes case contains a battery and electronic components that help the device to function.

What are E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes do not taste like ordinary cigarettes, even though you can purchase a large number of E-Liquids that apparently taste like the real thing, it is different and this is one of the things that puts a lot of people off them.

It very important that when purchasing your E-cigarette and accessories that you focus on quality as this will save you a lot of money and frustration in time. The same goes for buying your E-liquid, find a brand you like and then stick to it, there will be a lot of choices and the sad reality is that not all companies manufacture to the best practice levels. This means you could be actually buying a E-liquid that seems affordable, but is actually dangerous for your health.

Like cigarette smoking, people smoking e-cigs can overdo it. You will know when you are over-doing it, and you shouldn’t be smoking your e-cig 24/7. The length of time your liquid will last is dependent entirely on the user. If you are ‘vaping’ continuously, you will go through more liquid than someone who ‘vapes’ occasionally.

Today, you can find the ingredients on any reputable e-cig website. Amongst those ingredients is propylene glycol. Propylene Glycol is an organic additive which is normally found in cake mixes and food colouring, and should not be confused with diethylene glycol which is found in anti-freeze.

Tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine and tar, but few know what else is found in tobacco cigarettes. Maybe it is time to do some research, and you decide whether e-cigarettes would be a better choice.

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