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Please ensure that you keep your nicotine fluid in a safe place at all times, keep out of reach of children and pets, nicotine is poison and could seriously harm your children and pets if swallowed. Please treat like any other dangerous house hold product.


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Our liquid nicotine is manufactured by the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid nicotine to the electronic cigarette industry and accounts for 80% of all e-liquid in circulation.

Our nicotine solution can be used with any available electronic cigarette on the market, guaranteed.

One bottle of 10 ml e-liquid will give you about 160 cigarettes of use or 8 packs of cigarettes, which translates to a cost of R12.50 a pack of cigarettes. Please note there are bogus claims that 10 ml e-liquid is the equivalent of two cartons of cigarettes, this is not true.

Ingredients list for our Liquid Nicotine Cartridge Refills


Main Ingredinets



1 Tobacco Absolute, Burley 14% Natural from Tobacco
2 Orient Tobacco Absolute 12% Natural from Tobacco
3 Nicotine (From Tobacco Leaf) 0.8% CAS No. 54-11-5
4 2, 5-Dimethylpyrazine 0.1% 3272/CoE 2210
5 2-Acetylpyrazine 0.2% 3126/22047-25-2/CoE 2286
6 Linaool 0.5% 2635/000126-90-9
7 Vanilla Extract 4.4% 008024-06-4
8 Propylene Glycol 68% 2940/57-55-6

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