The Clear Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

While many current smokers are contemplating whether they should migrate over to E-Cigarettes, we have put this article together to highlight some of the clear benefits that moving over to E-Cigarettes can have on your health and wallet. E-cigarettes are the perfect answer to still being able to enjoy the feeling you get when you have a smoke and not having to suffer the health effects that conventional smoking results in.

Reason 1

An easy reason is the smell that normal cigarettes have. When you smoke, everything smells like smoke, the worst thing is the people in your life will also have to put up with the stink that is associated with being a smoker. People who don’t smoke will hate the smell and it’s a good enough reason to want to shift to e-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes, do not have this smell, you inhale and exhale a vapour that actually can have a pleasant fragrance depending on the E-juice you use. The vapour evaporates almost immediately and those around you will be none the wiser to the fact that you have just enjoyed a nice nicotine hit.

Reason 2

Normal smoking is become very expensive. With the average pack costing you R30 to R40 each, its no wonder people are flocking to E-cigarettes. Once you have bought the vaping device, the ongoing costs are quite affordable and you should be able to shave 70% off your old smoking bill.

Reason 3

E-cigarettes are far safer and healthier than normal conventional smokes.